The fox is in the henhouse

Don’t be fooled by the glossy endorsements recently issued by the Bonner County Republican Central Committee (BCRCC). The clique is at it again.

BCRCC is a private political committee of 30 individuals. Elected every two years in the May primary, the committeemen are not public officials. They have their own rules and report to Dorothy Moon at the state level. Scott Herndon is one of the 30 precinct committeemen and chairs the Bonner County’s private political committee.

The recent BCRCC mailer endorses Scott Herndon as the State Senator. The 30 BCRCC committeemen voted to allow this endorsement. And that endorsement, by thirty people, most certainly does not represent the will of all 22,000 county Republicans. Historically, county committees do not endorse candidates in the primary.

Boundary County does not endorse candidates in the primary, but Bonner County does. Why? Because the fox is in the henhouse, using his position of power for self-promotion and voter manipulation. Take the time to understand the irrelevance and impropriety of BCRCC’s endorsements.

If you’re interested in integrity, take the BCRCC endorsement to the polls to see who not to vote for.

Andy Kee

2 thoughts on “The fox is in the henhouse

  1. Andy Kee is correct. The Bonner County Central Committee has a history of discrimination against Jim Woodward.

    1. Sir, it’s not discrimination to eliminate poor candidates that have less than conservative voting records. An endorsement by a small group is not enough to carry or sink a candidate if the candidate is solid.

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